Beginner Chinese in 7 Days is a quick and practical guide to mastering Chinese. This guide will give you all the short-cuts, hacks and tricks for you to start speaking Chinese as soon as possible.

Going to China on a solo trip? Need some basic Chinese for work?  

This 7-day guide will give you the fastest route to learning Chinese quickly!

This practical guide will teach you Mandarin Chinese in a unique and efficient way, focused solely on RESULTS.

The guide is divided into 7 days and 7 modules. This guide is structured for maximum results and efficiency, covering important phrases you need to master Chinese sentences quickly.

At the end of 7 days, you will be equipped with impressive conversational skills that will usually take beginner learners months of study

If you want a deep understanding of Chinese characters, history and culture, this is NOT the guide for you. This guide is results-focused only!   

We hope you enjoy this quick 7-day bootcamp! It’s going to be tough but rewarding, and we welcome any feedback on how to improve this guide.

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This course maximizes your learning in 7 days! Learn sentence patterns and building blocks to SHORTCUT your learning & master conversational chinese!

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